Micro-dosing Psilocybin is a Powerful Tool to Combat Depressive Mind States

I am thankful to have a solace, a home where I feel comfortable and at peace. So many are realizing in the wake of the pandemic that society is not always available to support and entertain us. I highly recommend focusing inwards, utilizing this time to be as creative as possible. Evolving your own art, … Continue reading Micro-dosing Psilocybin is a Powerful Tool to Combat Depressive Mind States

Medicinal Mushrooms – A Review

This article will serve three purposes ~ 1) Documenting a brief history of medicinal mushrooms and the connection to the current health climate of the United States and the world. 2) To explain the medical science behind various strains of medicinal mushrooms, linked with peer reviewed medical studies that have been published on pub.med.org. Pubmed … Continue reading Medicinal Mushrooms – A Review

Microdosing for Health and Happiness

"Potentially, microdosing could provide some of the same benefits (for certain conditions) as full-dose interventions with less risk of adverse reactions related to the sometimes intense experiences of higher doses. Microdosing may well also mean additional benefits, through the repeated exposure over extended periods." I could not agree more with this conclusion statement from a … Continue reading Microdosing for Health and Happiness

Modern Spirituality and Ego Dissolution

I recently started publicly speaking through my instagram account. The community has responded with amazing support to these discussions so Lindsey and I decided to start the "Purple Couch Life" series of informative videos. 💜 Today I released the first video on both my personal and PC instagram pages. The subject I am speaking on is about Modern … Continue reading Modern Spirituality and Ego Dissolution

Psilocybin Safety Study

Quote from NY Post article on a recent study about the safety of Psylocybin - "The study’s lead investigator, Dr. James Rucker, called the findings “clinically reassuring.” He added that they “support further development of psilocybin as a treatment for patients with mental health problems that haven’t improved with conventional therapy, such as treatment-resistant depression.” … Continue reading Psilocybin Safety Study

Psilocybin as Relationship Therapy

From Vice News Article - The Couples Using Magic Mushrooms as Relationship Therapy "Dr. Ros Watts is a clinical psychologist at Imperial College London who guided patients through a trip for a recent trial looking at the effects of magic mushrooms on depression. "People develop ways of avoiding certain thoughts and feelings, but during the dose our … Continue reading Psilocybin as Relationship Therapy

Psy-Assisted Therapy

I have been researching the practice of psychedelic assisted therapy to break alcohol and tobacco addiction. Since hearing several case studies from friends and then reading lab studies documenting the positive effects of psilocybin cubensis on tobacco addiction, this therapy is something that I have deemed as valuable and potentially life changing and healing when … Continue reading Psy-Assisted Therapy

Psilocybin and Tobacco Addiction

Some amazing doctors at Jon Hopkins did a small pilot study on Psilocybin mushrooms as a tobacco addiction treatment. The full article with complex research can be found on Pubmed here. There were 15 total participants. 80% (12 participants) had ceased smoking 6 months following the beginning of the treatment. "Participants attributed substantial personal meaning … Continue reading Psilocybin and Tobacco Addiction